Giving thanks with your own words allows someone to understand that you are truly grateful for that person. God is someone who deserves all our praise and thanksgiving. When we come to know Jesus, we are not the same. We realize that we need Him, that we deserve nothing, and are nothing without Him. In Luke 17:11-19, a group of 10 lepers encounter Jesus and beg for help. Jesus meets with the 10 lepers and says to them,

“Go show yourselves to the priests.”
Luke 17:14

Once the lepers do this, Jesus heals them. As the lepers begin to see that they are completely healed, one of the lepers turns around and throws himself to Jesus’ feet to thank Him for what he had done. Not only did Jesus heal the one man from leprosy, He made the unclean clean and brought Himself near to them. As we begin to know Jesus, we begin to experience change in our life. When it comes to experiencing life and being changed, we need to reflect our lives back to God and give thanks to Him.