Hello again parents! We hope you have had a great week so far. We have had a great start to our first week of camp here at the Ridge. After getting a good nights rest, everyone made their way to flag and focus time this morning. Campers were given the opportunity to dig into God’s Word before heading to breakfast. At breakfast everyone enjoyed a yummy meal of chicken and waffles, a camp favorite!

From there they went to their first activity class of the day for some fun with their cabin! Some campers hit the wake park, some spent some time at the pool, and some people even got to race around the slick track.

Following this fun morning, campers went to one of the best parts of the day here at Pine Cove. LUNCH! Campers love lunch for a lot of reasons. We dance, sing, eat a meal, watch a funny skit, and challenge each other to some cabin competitions.

Here’s a little bit of what happened during the skit today:  Chip, Dale, and Kasey came out to talk to the crowd again and tell them more about how much they just love camp. While they are talking to the crowd about why they love camp, the bad guy, Tide, made his way back out to the stage. He took it upon himself to manipulate Kasey into an evil bird named Cassie. The angry bird came out and this scared Chip and Dale. After Tide and Cassie left the stage, a video played on the projector that showed a flashback of when Chip and Dale met the sweet bird that became their pet. We can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

After a fun-filled lunch, campers and counselors left for their cabins for some good ole Bible study. They had the chance to dig deeper as a group into Psalm 119: 41-80, which demonstrates how to delight in God’s Word. They were given time to rest during a little bit of FOB.

From a time of rest in the Word and for their bodies, campers went out to campers choice. They got to choose which activity in which they wanted to go to. Some of the popular choices were the wake park, the pool, and the gym.

Following the last activity class of the day they got to head to a time that most campers would consider to be their favorite part of the day, free time! Campers got to head to the camp store, play outside, or play in the gym with their cabin.

Now for our favorite part of the day, campers got all dressed up to head to dinner, club, and theme night. Tonights theme was “Isolation Island”, so campers put on their best camo gear and headed to dinner to gear up for their big night.

At club, campers got to hear from our men’s director, Matha. He gave the campers a powerful word on how to go about studying God’s Word and the amazing power that it has over our lives.

For the final event of the night campers got to head out and try to make it across camp without getting caught by our counselors to win Isolation Island. They were brave, and proved the counselor’s wrong showing that campers do in fact win.

Thank you for all the prayers that you have been praying for campers this week. We ask that you continue this as we still have 3 more days to hang out and learn more about Jesus.

– The Ridge Team