Zippety Do Da, Zippety Day. My oh my, what a wonderful day here at the Ranch!

One of the popular activities for campers to participate in here is the zipline. While on the zipline, each child is safely fastened into a harness and then connected to the steel equipment, ropes, and wire. Each camper receives a rush of joy as he or she glides freely down the line. Most children enjoy this rush that tends to give you butterflies as you plummet forward. However, some children are afraid of this feeling. Some are afraid because the tower is so high, and jumping off a ledge (even though you are securely fastened) can be quite scary!

As I was on the on the tower this morning during the first activity class, I witnessed the latter scenario take place. A camper came up the tower, super excited to go down the zipline with his best friend. Both boys were were standing in preparation to go down . The first boy was ready, while the second began having doubts about his decision. The second boy then decided that he wanted to watch his best friend go down first, before he attempted his journey down. The first camper takes one step, and next thing you know, he is at the end with a huge smile on his face.

The second boy then realizes that his friend is no longer standing beside him, but rather waiting at the end. As I watched this camper, I could tell from his body language that he was scared about taking that step into the unknown. As the second camper is frozen in fear, the staffer who is working at the zipline offers encouragement to the boy. The staffer reassures the boy of the security that is found in both the harness and the zipline, as well as encouragement in the fun that he will have once he takes that one step of faith. After about five minutes of encouragement from the staffers, the boy decides to take that step of faith. As he glides down, a faint scream of joy comes out of his mouth, followed by a huge smile. This camper chose to take one step of faith off the tower, and that small step made a large impact! (This was also his first time to ever go down the zipline! Whoo!)


Our faith in Christ is very similar to this zipline story that I witnessed today. Sometimes we are afraid to put our trust in Christ, or we only hand over one area of our life to Him instead of all of it. We stand on this tower of life, where we are constantly making daily decisions. The choice is either back out and give up, or take a step in faith and trust that the Lord knows best. The Lord will never let us fall. He is always there to catch us. He is our safety and our security. As we go through Week Two at the Ranch, I ask that you would be praying for the children that are at camp this week. Pray that the Lord would challenge them to take steps of faith, whether big or small. Pray that children would take a step in faith about trusting in the Lord as their Lord and Savior, or that they would continue to deepen their relationship with Him…and they would see that this small step, makes a BIG difference.

Until Next Time,

“Under the Cheese” – Ranch Media Team
Photos by – “Khakis”