Everyday at camp, you can expect to hear this question from at least one camper: “When is free time?” So what’s so great about it? Well there’s a few really cool things that happen everyday at free time!

First of all, campers are free to go to different activities around camp, whenever they feel like it! Also, the pool and sport court are both open for playing games and spending time with friends. Another super cool thing that happens are cabin competitions. Cabins get to challenge each other to different things like a game of dodgeball or gaga ball, who can make the biggest splash off the diving board, or a skittles taste testing contest!

Speaking of snacks at free time, the camp store is open! Campers are able to buy t-shirts, sun glasses, bouncy balls, sodas, candy, ice cream, and all sorts of other sweet things from the camp store during free time.

Finally, campers get to have hang times with their counselors! Each camper gets to spend individual time with their counselor to hang out, get to know each other better, and talk about each other lives. How cool is that!?

Free time really is an awesome part of the day!16Si02-02-121