G’day! Campers are here, and week two is officially underway. We are so pumped to witness Christ working in the life of your camper this week.

Last night, our first theme night “Slip, Slide, and Away!” began with a game of Ships and Sailors before heading to the dining hall for dinner. Campers and their new cabin-mates enjoyed their first meal together over some tasty chicken sandwiches! Soon after dinner we headed out to play in the water because that’s what super heroes do, right?


The evening held a lot of excitement from swinging off the trapeze, racing down the slip ‘n’ slide, to fun conversations with new friends. Campers also enjoyed their first night of C-L-U-B where they were introduced to their Bible study theme for the week, Purpose.

This morning, campers gathered outside for flag before going into a time of FOCUS. We firmly believe in getting into God’s Word at the beginning of each day. This time also helps set the tone for opportunities to experience the Lord and have life transforming conversations. For breakfast, campers dined over hot pancakes in order to start their first day of activity classes well nourished!

Please pray with us.

  1. Pray for deep relationships to be built quickly between campers and counselors.
  2. Pray for campers to experience Jesus and see the life and joy that is only found in the Lord.
  3. Pray over the Bible study this week, that campers would understand that God has created them for a purpose. Jesus is our purpose, and we don’t have to search the world looking for a different one!