Welcome to Fellowship. Everything we do as a church is based on this process…

To connect [community]

Relationships matter to God and to us. We want every person to know that, despite their upbringing or their life situation, they have a place to belong at Fellowship Church.

To love [worship]

Join us at one of our worship experiences. Invite friends and family to join us. Invest in the ministry by giving. Celebrate God’s goodness consistently with the corporate body that is FC.

To grow [discipleship]

Be a part of a small group (Life Group). Learn what it means to follow Christ and even how to do it in a fun, relaxing, yet challenging atmosphere. You are not meant to live life on your own. You were meant to be connected to grow in Christ and in the church.

To serve [ministry]

Join a service team and use your God given gifts & talents to make Sunday experiences as excellent, efficient and life giving as possible.

To go [mission]

Be a part of the world changing church that feeds the hungry, clothes the needy, and brings hope and light to a dark and broken world. We GO LOCAL in our own community and GO GLOBAL to all areas of the world.

Our service times are at 9am and 10:45am in Prairieville and at Fellowship on Airline.