Today is the first full day of camp here at the Towers! And what a blast it has been! With over 280 boys and girls at the Towers this week, we are excited to begin week 1! The staff here are excited and privileged to spend 6 days of unending craziness during engaging activity classes, tasty meals, loud cheers, and intentional moments of pouring into the lives of your campers.

This week’s bible study is titled “Changed,” and we will be looking at different interactions people had with Jesus throughout the Bible. We are hoping that reading about the transformation of his people’s hearts and minds will leave your kids in the same likeness as them at the end of the week.


One specific theme for this week is Thankfulness.  Being thankful is a good habit to get into because it changes our perspective. We are naturally selfish people who want to look to our own needs and desires and rarely stop to give thanks for what we have. Thankfulness creates in us a heart of gratitude and humility. It helps us remember that we need to rely on our Creator to bless our lives and even to sustain us.

We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for your camper and to see the Change take place throughout the week.


We ask that you would join us in prayer that the Lord would lead our campers and staff through his word and give them a deeper understanding of who he is. Pray that he create change in our hearts.