Hey parents! My name is Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter, I am the new Ranch Camp director! I served four summers at the Shores and Timbers before spending the next nine years in full-time pastoral ministry in South Carolina. I was a middle school youth pastor, a community groups pastor, and a co-pastor. My wife, Hannah “Patilla” Carter, and I are parents to one daughter, Anderson. We are so excited to be a part of the Ranch family!

This summer’s Bible study is called “Follow Me.” We hope to come alongside your camper this week as we dig into what abundant life awaits us in following Christ. We are eager for campers to learn the difference in being hear-ers of the Word and do-ers of the Word as pointed out in James 1:22-25. Through this study, we will get the opportunity to put into practice Biblical ways to follow Christ with our whole lives!

I am so excited for your camper to jump in with us this week at the Ranch. My life was greatly impacted by camp ministry and my prayer is that the Lord would use camp to do the same for your camper!