Hi guys, I’m TJ “Philly” Connor! I am the new Timbers camp director! I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have lived in Texas for the last 3 years. This past fall, I was hired to work at the Timbers after working for Camp in the City, and I am so excited to lead our staff as they lead and serve 8th and 9th grade campers!

This year’s bible study is called “Follow Me.” The study focuses on one question, who WAS Jesus? One of the things Jesus repeatedly said while He was on earth was “FOLLOW ME.”  This week your campers will dive into a practical study of what it looks like to follow Christ!

I am so excited for your camper to be at the Timbers this week. My prayer is that they have tons of fun, but most importantly I am praying they draw closer to the Lord. It’s my hope and prayer that your camper leaves camp with a deeper knowledge of the Gospel and a true desire to follow Christ!