Howdy! My name is Austin “Homestar Runner” Langemeier, and I am the interim camp director at Silverado. I am so excited to join with my staff in serving your child this week at camp. We have been praying in anticipation of the work that the Lord is going to do this summer in the hearts of our campers. Thank you for entrusting your camper with us this week.

I grew up as a camper at Pine Cove and spent all of my college summers on summer staff here. Camp allowed me year after year to be reminded of the truth that Christ died for me because he loves me. That no matter how hard life was or how unwanted or unloved I felt God always wants me and loves me for who I am. Praise the the Lord!

Since getting engaged last year, my wife and I got married and bought a house not far from camp. Melanie “Wafells” is still The Outback women’s director down the road from Silverado. We are both looking forward to a great week and a great summer!

This summer our Bible study will focus on Moses, the leader of God’s people, the Israelites. We look forward to sharing with your campers the powerful way that God desires to work in and through their lives. We are hopeful that the ripple effects from what is shared and learned this summer will have an immensely positive impact on the world and the kingdom of God for eternity!