Hello, parents and families! I’m Taylor Jervis – Shores Camp Director. Within the Pine Cove kingdom, I go by Fish Face. This is my eleventh summer at camp “behind the pine curtain” here in Tyler, TX, and I can say with utmost confidence that I believe in the power of God to transform the lives of young people at camp than ever before.

I need to say thank you. Dropping your high schooler off with us is a big deal. Please know that we take this serious. We have been praying for them and for you for months! So, thank you for this opportunity.

The environment and culture we strive to set here at Pine Cove is Christ-Centered, Others-Focused, and Seriously Fun. Your high schooler will hear about Jesus everyday, multiple times day. Our college staff lay their lives down everyday to focus on the needs of your high schooler. And we all have a ton of fun while we do all of this – seriously.

Our Bible study this year is titled “KINGDOM.”

In the Gospel of Matthew, we see Jesus coming out of the wilderness and officially beginning his ministry. The very first words recorded at this moment are “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

The essential message of Jesus is repentance – turning from one way of life and to a better, abundant way of life.

Then, he takes a walk with his followers and eventually gets to a hillside on the Sea of Galilee and begins to preach his first message – the Sermon on the Mount. This was his State of the Union address – announcing that the long awaited King was finally here and explained what life would be like in his Kingdom. This is how godly life is to be lived!

The Sermon on the Mount has 107 verses, 2416 words. You can read through it in 15 mins. It covers everything from blessedness, morality, righteousness, anxiety, money, materialism, discernment, humility, judging others, how to pray, how to spot fake christians, how to get unstuck in your faith, generosity, purity, how relationships work, what the golden rule of life is, and where the ultimate source of life can be found. And it’s all about God’s love for you so much that he gave his Son the King so that you could live in His Kingdom forever.

Each day at 9:30am, your camper will be reading and studying a passage of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 with their cabin. Would you commit to setting an alarm at that time each day to pray for your camper, the counselor, and their time in God’s Word?

We’re so excited for your camper to be at the Shores this week and I’m praying that they grow and learn and have a ton of fun.

Most importantly, I am praying that they get out of their daily routine and their daily context, away from distractions and temptation while getting to watch and learn from these godly college students as they live out their faith.

When you come back, please don’t hesitate to come say hello and shake my hand!