Hello parents, families, and friends! I’m Taylor Jervis – Shores Camp Director. Here at Pine Cove, I go by “Fish Face”…unfortunately. Ha!

But in all seriousness, I could not believe more in the power of God at work here at camp to transform the lives of people for His purpose and glory. And I believe that He is faithful to do it in and through your camper this week.

There is a lot I want to tell you below – so that you can partner with us in praying for our college staff and your camper.

First, I need to say thank you. We recognize that dropping your high schooler off with us is a big deal. And we take this seriously. Thank you for the opportunity to grab the parenting-baton from you and love them as much as we can during their time at the Shores!

Second, we have prayed for, recruited, found, interviewed, background checked, hired, and trained the best college students in the world to lead and love your camper. They are truly Christ-Centered, Others Focused, and Seriously Fun! Please pray for us!

Third, I want you to know that your high schooler will hear about Jesus every day, multiple times a day. And I believe they will see Him lived out in our staff as well – in the most fun, free display of living within the safe gates of Pine Cove. This has been our model for ministry since the beginning, and God uses this discipleship process of sharing the Gospel and our very lives to transform young people!

Lastly, our Bible Study theme this summer is titled “REMAIN.”

To be fully transparent, my life has been radically changed since last summer. “Revival” is the best word I can think of. And God has lovingly and consistently used one passage in the book of John to work this change in me this year.

I believe this passage holds the key to life and faith.

In John 13, Jesus and His disciples are on the brink of the darkest night in history. The Son of God was about to be betrayed and murdered on the cross in a matter of hours. He has one last night with the disciples.

During those final hours before Jesus’ betrayal, He gave His disciples – and all believers throughout history – His parting promises.

Last summer at the Shores we studied the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 – the first recorded sermon and teachings of Jesus on earth – His “State of the Union address”. This summer, we are studying what is known as “The Upper Room Discourse” in John 13 through 17. This is the last thing, the great culmination of what He wants them to know and remember. You could think of this time as his “last will and testament.”

Through their Bible Studies and Club Talks, we want to take your camper back to that night, into that upper room, to listen in on the glorious hope Jesus lays out for us in his final hours – where He urges us to remain in Him and remain as His disciples, and for His words and Spirit to remain in us. This is the ultimate answer – REMAIN.

I would love the privilege to share with you a snippet of their Bible Study each morning through this CampLife app. Would you commit to reading through a short devo, meditating on Jesus’ promises, and praying for yourself and your camper when you receive the notification around 9am each morning this week?

Let us remain in Him.

Take heart. He has overcome the world.

If you believe in Jesus, He remains in you.

Taylor “Fish Face” Jervis