G’day from the Outback! Camp has finally arrived and is in full swing. We are so excited to watch Christ transform the life of your camper for His purpose and His glory this week. The joy of the Lord is already permeating through camp.

Yesterday we started the week with some fun mixers before heading to dinner to kick off our very first theme night of “Slip, Slide, and AWAY!” Campers enjoyed time on the lake, blobbing their cabin-mates and sliding down the Wet-Willie!

After campers arose this morning and cleaned their cabins, they headed for some flag followed by FOCUS. FOCUS is designed to set apart time for campers to start their day in the Word. After our delicious pancake breakfast, all the campers joined in on a few rounds of Zorb Ball or Dodgeball as we waited for the rain to pass. As the skies cleared, campers went out to their first activity classes of the week! We had kids swinging at the barn swing, zipping down the zip line, and kayaking and canoeing at “Yaks and Noes,” among many other fun activities!


Lunch was followed by some good ol’ Bible study led by their counselor. After relaxing at F.O.B. (Flat on Back), campers were ready for free time, where they got to choose from a variety of activities or even head to the camp store!

After lots of fun in the sun, we headed to some good ol’ C-L-U-B worship! Our Bible study this summer is titled “Purpose” and focuses on our purpose as His creation. We were made to glorify God and turn everything back to Him. Christ is all and in all. At the end of Club, campers had time to reflect with their cabin on the message, as well as where they saw Jesus throughout the day.

Please pray with us.

  1. Pray that barriers would be broken and campers would be open to experiencing Jesus.
  2. Pray that the Lord would remove any distraction from hearing the good news going forth.
  3. Pray for counselors and staff, for all that is done to be done in Him.