It’s the middle of the week and we love seeing our campers with smiles on their faces! This morning we raised our nation’s flag, fueled up with a great breakfast, then set out for activity classes! Campers played zorb ball, folf and even went for a horse ride at the barn!

After lunch and afternoon activity classes, campers opened their Bibles as their counselors led them through a study over Adam and Eve, and how as humans we are broken and incomplete without Christ. Tomorrow we get the opportunity to explain to campers how Christ saves us despite our sin and brokenness!

Campers later stepped into their expedition gear for Sid and Sally’s super silly safari! They had a blast with Sid and Sally as they searched for the rare Tower’s creature! The campers successfully found the creature and had a blast at the safari carnival!

After a fun evening, campers finished the night with a time of worship and learning from the Word of God.

Overall, it was another fantastic day at camp, and we are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow!