What a day we had today! Today was sleep-in day at camp, so campers got some needed rest, and breakfast was pushed back an hour. Following breakfast, we went out for our daily activity classes.

Today’s bible study was focused on grace and mercy, specifically the story of Ruth and Boaz. Boaz showed Ruth an amazing amount of grace and mercy, just as the Lord shows us those same things through sending his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins! How cool is that? Today’s memory verse was 2 Corinthians 5:21.

For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin. So that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.
-2 Corinthians 5:21

FREE TIME FRENZY! For today’s free time, a snow cone truck came! Campers were given the opportunity to buy tickets for snow cones in the camp store and had a variety of flavors to choose from. One of the more extravagant flavors was Tiger’s Blood, which is a combination of watermelon, strawberry and a hint of coconut!

Ending the night, we had some fun at our Prehistoric Palooza theme night! Tonight, the counselors challenged the campers to a competitive game in the back field, where the counselors were convinced that they would finish on top. However, we have a saying here at camp– “Campers always win.” For the game, the campers had to score points by throwing colored orbs in color-coded nets for several rounds. This seems simple, but the challenge is that counselors had noodles and could tag campers. The counselors couldn’t keep up, and the campers were able to score over 500 each round.

Hard to believe the week is almost over, but we’ve got a lot more fun planned!