Today, we wrapped up our first full day of camp here at the Towers! The campers jumped right into camp with a morning full of fun activities. In the afternoon, we spent some time doing Bible study with our cabins. We learned about how Jesus is the Bread of Life with our memory verse, John 6:35, which says:

I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. -John 6:35

After Bible study, we enjoyed more activity classes, such as fishing, archery, ropes courses, and horses. Later in the day, campers experienced their much anticipated “free time,” where they were able to swim, visit the camp store, and of course, hang out with their awesome counselors.

We mixed up our Monday by having our “Christmas at the Cove” theme night. There’s nothing quite like wearing a Santa beard to a pool party! Then, at club, we worshipped together and Bite the Bullet gave the club talk. At the Towers, we are so excited that this is only the beginning of our week, and we still have many more amazing days with the campers to come!