Hey Mom and Dad,

Week ten has been awesome! Sunday, we welcomed one week campers as well as Overflow Session E! We cooked hamburgers by the lake shore and played dodgeball, knockout, ping-pong and board games at All-American Arcade.

We all threw on our tackiest outfits Monday night during Tacky Takeover and ran to stations around camp, completing various challenges, while avoiding Willy Wonka and his oompa loompas. The winners were Gamalama!

Tuesday night, campers were stopped by the KGB in the game of Espionage. Campers tried to sneak their way across camp in complete darkness with their passports looking for different checkpoints, proving they were safe. But counselors hid throughout camp with flashlights, stopping kids from reaching victory! Campers always lose! The cabin that collected the most embassy stamps were the victors! KGB will be better next time.

Tonight, we got all decked out in neon and glow sticks for Blacklight Boogie! As classic camp songs like “Jesus Freak” and “Footloose” played, campers and counselors got to show off their moves and danced the night away!

Our bible study this summer is titled, “Beacon.” Campers have been going through 1 John everyday with their counselors, learning what scripture says about walking in the light. A beacon serves two purposes: a directional guide and tool of protection. In 1 John, we see how Jesus lived as a light on Earth, leading others closer to the Lord and out of the darkness. Our prayer and hope for these campers is that they learn what it means to walk in the light and be a beacon in their communities going forward.

We are looking forward to what the rest of the week holds, and can’t wait to see you Saturday, and for you to hear all your camper has learned this week. Please join us in praying for safety and fun this week, as well as the Lord to move through camp, making His presence known.

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This Is Love