Happy Saturday! We’re so sad because we have to say goodbye to all the campers today. But this week has been filled with so much JOY because of them!

On Friday, we woke up and spent time with the Lord. Then, we ate breakfast and headed out to our activity classes.

At lunch, Zerg confessed his love for Smartie P and they ended up happily together. Stuntman Sam finally defeated King Clark by shooting himself out of a cannon! So, we celebrated, of course. The mountain men of the Ridge came up with a fun cheer for Flag, winning them the Spirit Stick.

Next, the campers went to the gym to have Bible study with Michelangelo and Toad! There was time to ask questions about faith and daily life, and they learned that everything we truly need is given to us in Jesus. In life, there will be trials, struggles, and people who will be against us. However, we can “stand firm” in Jesus because He doesn’t just give us strength, He IS our strength. This means we can rejoice always and stop worrying. God’s provision in His Son Jesus is enough for us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Even the joy we need, He alone will provide, because true JOY is found in Him alone.

After FOB, the campers gathered in the gym and on the sports field to watch the girls and guys senior games! Sadly, leadership won both games. (Campers still always win!) The campers walked off their loss with Kona Ice and a trip to the camp store!

At dinner, we dressed up and ate a delicious meal. The campers FINALLY heard the real names of their counselors, and we finished the night in the gym for Ridge Night Live!

Lastly, we headed to the Conga for Camper Share! Campers stood in front of their peers and shared about what the Lord revealed to them this week.

Thanks for following along this week. We’ve had a blast with your campers! We pray that these campers would continue to trust in the Lord’s promises as they return home. We can’t wait for next summer, see you then 😉

God Bless,

Ridge Team