Happy Wednesday from the Ridge! We discovered that Table Twinnis, our worship leader, looks shockingly similar to Jesse McCartney!

On Tuesday, we woke up, spent time with Jesus, ate some delicious food, and headed out to our activity classes. A few campers said their favorite activity was the lake because they watched their friends fall off paddle boards and had to work together to get back to shore!

At lunch, we awarded some lucky cabins with the Chariot of Cleanliness and the Spirit Stick! Congratulations Kenai 4 for winning Pit N Palace, and to Haleakala 1 and 2 for taking home the Spirit Stick!

Next, we watched Stuntman Sam light himself on fire (not literally) and perform his greatest stunt yet! Sadly, Clark and Zerg came back to camp, and they even transformed our beloved Smartie P into an alien and made her disappear! Apparently, she’s on their planet in a cocoon (HOW EVIL). Hopefully, Stuntman Sam will be able to stop them. Check back tomorrow to see what happens next!

During our good ole’ Bible study, we studied Philippians 1, where Paul writes to his beloved friends in the Church at Philippi. We learned that our lives are to be lived for Jesus and His ultimate glory. We do this through how we love others in and outside of the church, in good times or bad times, and ultimately for the proclamation of the gospel. Our life is to proclaim Jesus and that brings true JOY. AMEN!

At Free Time, campers got to adventure to the ropes course, play basketball in the gym, and buy snacks and gear from the Camp Store! Camper’s favorite snack: Dibs (obviously)!

At club, the mountain men and granola girls split up to learn about how to find joy in purity.

Finally, we finished off the day with an intense game of Isolation Island. Campers fought hard to keep their life chips and win the love of the creatures. Congratulations to Haleakala 1 for coming in 1st place!

We’re having a blast here at the Ridge! We kindly ask for your prayers as we head into the middle of the week. It has been a joy getting to know campers and serve alongside our brothers and sisters. Our prayer is that the gospel would be preached and hearts would be changed for eternity by the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ. Make sure you keep checking back for updates. Thanks for reading!

God Bless,

Ridge Team