In today’s bible study we learned about Adam and Eve and how they lived together in a perfect garden given to them by God. Something else God gave them was moral ability, or the ability to think for themselves about what is right and wrong. Instead of controlling all of their actions and creating them to think like robots, God granted them the ability to make decisions for themselves… He gave us freedom.

Adam and Eve were given clear instructions and boundaries from God. Inside those boundaries, everything was created for and should be enjoyed by them. Outside those boundaries, everything was off limits. Genesis 3 tells us about how Adam and Eve were tempted by a serpent who shows up and tries to convince them that God is not a good God. This serpent, clearly working against God, is the enemy. Adam and Eve disobey God and suffer the consequence of separation from God.

God’s boundaries offer freedom, security, certainty, and nearness. Within God’s boundaries you can live the best life. Inside His boundaries there is no room for Satan. Knowing this, Satan tries to trick us everyday just like he tricked Adam and Eve in the perfect garden God made for them.  We are all broken, and guilty of disobeying God’s boundaries.

Everyday, because of the freedom God gifted us, we will fight against the temptation to test God’s boundaries. James 4:7, our memory verse of the day, encourages us to resist the enemy’s temptation by maintaining our closeness to God.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:7