At the Timbers, Wednesdays are a unique spin on the typical day at camp by splitting up the campers into boys and girls. The boys’ activities involved outdoor games that focused on different strengths of being a Godly man, specifically how to be humble. For the girls, staff emphasized the importance of walking in unity. Both sessions were based off this years theme of “Walking with Christ.”

As the day continued on, campers enjoyed and embraced a brief moment of freedom where they got to choose what activity class they wanted to do. This week, the boats and the wake park have been a fan favorite. As the day slows down from the hectic schedule of camp, the afternoons are a great time for rejuvenating energy by one-on-one time with staffers. During these times, campers get the opportunity to hear answers to some of their questions and hear truth from their counselors.

The day draws to a close with the ninth graders getting a taste of what’s to come next summer, the Shores! Campers enjoyed eating dinner by the lake, swimming, and worshipping with the Shores’ campers. Eighth graders stayed at the Timbers for a night of Battle Ship in the pool by handcrafting their own boats. All in all, it was another great day at camp!