Howdy y’all! It’s a beautiful, sunny day here at Silverado! The campers are staying busy with their activity classes around camp. A favorite spot here is the watering hole where the zip line, blob, and inflatables are! This is a great place for campers to cool off while having fun.

One of the most important parts of the watering hole is safety! We have at least two lifeguards on duty, plus other staff at all times. Campers are given clear instructions and geared up with the proper safety equipment for each activity.

At the zip line, campers are fitted with a harness and helmet and strapped in before journeying across the watering hole. When they arrive at the other side they are unhooked and given the chance to go back and do it again! This is definitely a favorite activity for many campers.


The blob is a giant rectangle inflatable that starts at the banks of the lake and goes out in to the water. Above the blob is a tall platform where one camper will jump off, landing on the blob and then scoot to the end of it. When ready, the second camper will jump, sending the first camper flying into the water. We have a staffer at the top of the platform, instructing campers as they blob!

The inflatables are fun stations out in the water! Campers will swim out there and jump on the trampoline and play games. We also have a staffer in a paddle boat that monitors and helps campers come up with games, ensuring that they have an awesome time! The watering hole really is a favorite spot at camp!