Wow! It’s been an incredibly fun week so far here at the Rado. Campers have already had some awesome experiences during theme nights, free time, and hang times with counselors. But one of the best parts of the day is activity classes!

There are tons of great activity classes that campers get to go to such as horse riding, the blob, and the zip line! These are special things that campers get enjoy in their week at camp. While some of these things might be a little bit frightening to some campers, we love to have this opportunity to teach our campers about trusting in the Lord!

Our biggest desire here is that our campers are able to hear about the Gospel, feel the love of Christ, and learn more about following Him even when camp is over. And we know that there are tons of difficult things that we have to face in life. Our hope is that by giving campers the chance to face and overcome fears, this help them trust in the Lord during future trials that can come!16Si05-04-3

Please Pray For:

  • Campers to overcome fears! As stated above, we would really love for campers to try new things here! Prayers would be appreciated for campers to have courage and for our staff to be an amazing source of encouragement!
  • Campers to apply these lessons in their lives back home! The real world also has tons of challenges but we know our God is faithful and will be with us during all of them.
    We would also love prayer for our campers to trust in that after camp!