It’s Week 10 at Silverado and we are so excited to have so many awesome campers here with us. Campers are having a blast at activity classes! After activity classes, free time, and dinner, we have a theme night where campers and counselors dress up in their best themed costumes. 16Si10-02-1

Tonight’s theme night is “Mission to Space”. When campers come into dinner, the Wagon Wheel is decked out in Space decorations, space themed songs are played, and we eat in the dark. After dinner, we head out to the Big Barn to start the theme night! The game we play is called Meteor Strike, where campers are placed on one of four teams or “planets”, each with their own color. In the center of the Big Barn, giant tubs of colored balls (meteors!) are dumped out and campers scramble to try and throw their own color into their bucket. At the end of the round, the team with the most of their own color in their bucket wins! Campers have so much fun being able to run around and cheer for their team. After theme night, campers have snack and then head to Club before they are off to bed!