I am the vine, you are the branches. The one who abides in me while I abide in him produces much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.

John 15:5

Today, we learned about the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, reading from Luke 1:5-25, 39-45, and 57-66. In this story, we learn that Zechariah and Elizabeth were growing old and unable to have children. Then, one day when Zechariah was chosen to go burn incense in the temple, the angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him that Elizabeth would have a child named John. Zechariah was afraid of the angel and doubted him, so Gabriel told him that he would not be able to speak until all of the events Gabriel had foretold had come to pass. 

Zechariah and Elizabeth later found out that Elizabeth was pregnant, but Zechariah still couldn’t speak. When the baby was born, Elizabeth said that the baby’s name was John. Those around her questioned her decision because that name had not been in their family. However, Zechariah wrote on a writing tablet that his name should be John. As soon as this happened, Zechariah was able to speak and began to worship the Lord. 

The story of John’s birth shows us that God’s promises are never impossible. Even if we don’t understand how it could be possible, we can rest in the fact that God never makes a promise that He doesn’t keep. Again and again, we can humbly walk in faith and know that His promises are true!