Hey Parents!

Last night was one of the most exciting theme nights of the week… “Pitch Black Attack!” In this game, the “posse” try to take over camp. The campers’ mission is to stop them by seeking out and securing their 4 control points without getting caught! If the posse finds a group of campers, the campers must try and trick them into letting them go free. Some campers pretended to be farm animals, while others were a traveling circus group! As always, CAMPERS ALWAYS WIN!!


Today has been another exciting day of ACTIVITY CLASSES and all around fun! Campers are enjoying the Sea of Narnia, trail rides with the wranglers, and many other activities. Amongst all of the chaos of activities, campers take a break to have the noon-time meal called LUNCH! Lunch is not just another meal, but an exciting time filled with dancing, standing on chairs, skits, cheers, and an episode of Towers TV! After lunch, campers head back out to more fun activity classes!

Tonight, campers will be participating in the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM theme night, where campers will dress as something you might see in a museum and play exciting games against different cabins! Once the theme night concludes, all campers head into the ROCK to go to CLUB! CLUB is Pine Cove’s version of nightly worship and a message, filled with excitement and upbeat music! Above all else, during the CLUB hour, campers will hear the Gospel message and have a chance to talk about it with their cabin afterwards. This time is such a memorable time, as campers begin to dig into God’s word and share with one another about what they see God doing in their lives!


Please take a moment and pray that the hearts and minds of your campers would be transformed as they dive into God’s Word!

“Tree-Eye Joe”
Towers Media Content Creator