It’s Friday and Week 9 is coming to a close! Campers have had an incredible week doing everything from riding horses, going off the blob, making cabin forts, and celebrating Christmas in July. The best part of this week, though, has been watching God work in the lives of our campers!

One of the ways He’s worked is through our evening worship program, Club! During Club, campers get to sing worship songs and hear a talk about a Bible Story from someone on our leadership team. After that, they get to have reflection time, where their cabin has a discussion about what they just heard and their counselor gets to share more about the love of the Lord with them!

Another incredible way in which campers get to learn more about God is through their Bible studies in the morning! The Bible study booklets resemble a passport, to represent the journey we go on as believers. It beings by talking about how we are all broken people because we sin, but God loved us so much that He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for us and take away our sins! It then goes onto discuss how we will encounter hardships in life, but God is always there for us to help us get through them. It ends by explaining that our home is in heaven, and not on this earth, and that we can always have hope in the promise of eternal life with Christ!16Si09-02-5

Something we tell our campers is that just because camp is ending, that doesn’t mean the lessons they learn end here. In fact, it’s really the start of their journey through life with Christ. We encourage you, parents, to encourage them to always¬†seek¬†God as they continue on this journey!