Happy Thursday! This week has been flying by and we’ve had so much fun here at the Rad-O! One of the reasons we’ve had so much fun is because of the program that has been set in place with all the theme nights, activity classes, and the skits that we’ve had. And today, you’ll get to hear from “Seizing the Heart of Dance”, our Assistant Program Director (APD) who is one of the people who makes our program happen. Here’s what she has to say!

“Hey y’all! These past 4 weeks of camp have been a whirlwind of craziness with so much fun and growth! Coming into the summer, I was very nervous on what to expect but The Lord showed up like He always does and has revealed to me how faithful He is. In my job I help put together each theme night and plan how the night will run exactly. With this being said, I don’t get the opportunity to be with children all of the time which makes camper share all the more of a special time for me. Camper share is a time on Friday night dedicated to listening to what God has done in the lives of the campers in the past week. This is so special to me because I get to catch up with camp and see how the kids allow The Lord to impress on their hearts.

Once, there was a camper who stood up and shared that he and all of the guys in his cabin became Christians that week and how they are his brothers now because they are brothers in Christ.  Camper share’s are always a great reminder for me of why I and the rest of the staff are here; to share the good news to children so they may be saved from condemnation and instead be found in grace and mercy forever!

As APD I heave learned to really the love the type of ministry that I get to do! As a counselor I was given the chance to directly pour out to my kids and see their lives change. Now, though, I get to indirectly pour out the gospel through games and decorations, indirectly ministering to the kids. At first, this took a while for my heart to be content with, but because of the indirect ministry I get to share with campers, I get the privilege of trusting in The Lord to water the seeds that we’ve planted. Each kid that comes into Silverado is such a blessing and I am so excited for The Lord to direct their steps in His will for their lives.”

-Seizing The Heart of Dance

This has been an awesome summer and we’ve loved getting to see campers changed by the love of Jesus!