Hello there PC Ranch Parents!

One thing that Pine Cove emphasizes well as a staff is the power of prayer. Prayer is a powerful communication method between us and God. At camp we emphasize prayer at mealtimes and Bible studies, but it is also emphasized in times of general conversation.

Being able to pray over a camper during a hang time, or just after a conversation shows the power that prayer has. Being able to bring concerns, or even just life in general before the Lord is a practice that shows reverence before the Lord. It can also remind us that we, as human beings, are not in control. Rather, God is completely and wholly in control.

During training week and orientation, when all Pine Cove staff is being trained, prayer is emphasized. We are taught to sit in reverence of the Lord and bring everything to Him. This practice is what we also show to our campers. No prayer is too big or too small to bring before the Lord. The Lord can answer any prayer, whether big or small.

As we finish out this week, I ask that you would pray boldly for the campers and staff at camp this week. The Lord can do mighty things if we only pray, and believe firmly in what we pray. Pray that the lives of campers would be changed and that they would choose to follow Christ with unwavering faith.


Until next time,

Media Content Creator