It has been an incredible Week 3 so far at Silverado! From a little rainy day football and puddle splashing to dodgeball, dancing, and Stealth Patrol tonight, Thursday fits the bill!

Y’all, I have to tell you, God is doing some amazing things amidst all the crazy fun this week! I’ve already heard several stories about how God is moving in your campers’ lives and I’m encouraged. That encouragement continues to grow because tonight is a sweet opportunity to bring all of the week’s messages and activities to a focal point: The Gospel! THE GOOD NEWS!

What Good News?! Well, have you ever stopped to think about where and how all this began?

We as humans are not perfect. We all know that, and “perfect” is a thing because we come from Perfect Himself. God, the Uncaused Cause, made us as a special part of his creation, in His own image and unlike anything else, to be in relationship with Him. Yet we had the opportunity to break that relationship by choosing even one single wrong against His perfect, good nature, and we did! We all have. Throughout all human history, and because of that we don’t deserve to be with Him who is Life! We deserve death, BUT- this is where that incredibly good news comes in: God Himself, Jesus Christ the Son, entered our world miraculously, lived perfectly- and gave His perfect life to take on death for us!!!! So He let us kill him on the cross he never deserved, was buried, and then ROSE TO LIFE THREE DAYS LATER!!! Our God is love, He is good, and we can know Him personally because He desires all people to do so (2 Peter 3:9) and has made a way for us to get back into touch with Him- by grace and through faith in His free gift of life!

This is the truth, and the truth will set you free. Parents, I’m incredibly excited for your campers to get to hear this tonight, and I want you to have a chance to reflect on this too. If you’ve never really grappled with this, please do. It’s not worth ignoring, and it’s why Pine Cove exists: to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory!

I hope your week at home is awesome and we’ll see you Saturday,