Howdy! Week nine is off to a great start here at the Ranch! Today we have a high of 98 degrees but that certainly will not have an effect on the day (but hydration will be greatly encouraged). It is the first full day of camp and our campers are in the midst of activity classes. Some of these classes may be a little bit more exhilarating than others… and those would be the activities with a bit more height than others. Just to name a few…

The Flying Squirrel… this squirrel is on fire! Carol needs a crib, Carol needs a crib! 

It is here where our campers go soaring through the sky, like, well, a flying squirrel. This activity class is composed of a pull team and a facilitator monitoring the camper who will be flying. The pull team takes off running in the opposite direction of the flyer, after commands have been said. Commands are as follows: “Pull team ready?”..Ready!..”3,2,1 Flying Squirrel!” Now you may be thinking to self? (self?) Who is Carol? (who is Carol?) – Great question! Carol is the “marker” for the Pull team so they know exactly how far to run before stopping! We love Carol.



Next up, Zipline… Zippity do da! Zippity Day! My oh my what a wonderful day!

The Zipline is a classic here at the Ranch.. what would camp be without zip lining? Climbing up the winding metal staircase that leads up the zip tower, campers are in for an invigorating encounter. Harnessed and latched onto the zip rope, they are preparing to coast through camp. Before zipping, they must however, say the commands: “Clear?”..Clear!..”Zipping?”..Zip on! and then taking off from the platform, they are sure to have a memorable experience!

On to, High Ropes… High ropes, high ropes, its off to the woods we go, we’re climbing trees, it’s the bees knees, high ropes, high ropes, high ropes, high ropes

High Ropes, where you are walking through the trees (harnessed in of course) all the while taking in the beautiful green that surrounds you. It is here where campers are harnessed in climb the wooden pole to the first platform to cross over the wooden bridge. Now, before they can climb we have a few commands for them that are as follows: “Spotters Ready?”..Ready!..”Belaying?”..Belay on!..”Climbing!”..Climb on! and they are off! After making it to the top and across the bridge, they walk across a tight rope holding onto the wires that are on both sides of them to the third platform and then cross over the wooden log, grasping ropes to help balance them along the way. Last but certainly not least, they go soaring on the zip line to finish off the ropes course. In this weather, that breeze is very much needed!


Last, but not least, we are next door at, The Breathtaker… Take my breath away, take my breath away, come on everybody take my breath ah-*gasp*

The kids here get to literally fly through the sky, but not quite like Flying Squirrel.. this time, the pull team pulls them up to the sky (not literally of course) and at the flyer’s dispense they pull the string and they are taken through the sky, flying back and forth, taking in the beautiful scenery that surround them, that is camp.


The week has just begun and there is so much ahead for these kids. We are expectant and excited and we hope you are ready to hear about all that your campers are learning at camp! But this is just the beginning – so much awaits!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago – Ephesians 2:10