theme nights

Redneck Rodeo: Mullets, overalls, Billy Bob teeth, and more, there is not telling whats in store! Dust off your boots and get to scootin’, this rodeo is gonna have you hollerin’ and hootin’!

Sunday night daily moose -2


The weather for tomorrow, May 30th shows to be partly to mostly cloudy with degrees in the mid 80’s.


Cove Kids

I don’t have any info, but your babies will be well taken care of and have a great day!

Wild Kids

Your kids will need a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and water!

Wild Woods

Your kids will need a bible, swim suit, and towel!


Your kids will need a bible, swim suit, and towel!


As of 7 p.m. Sunday evening, these families have Camper Calls Monday morning at 6:45 a.m.:

The Mitchell Family (Azalea 207)

The Hernandez Family (Azalea 109 & 110)

The Severance Family (Cedar Ridge 11)

The Mouser Family (Azalea 106)

The Duhaney Family (Cedar Ridge 10)

The Lambert Family (Azalea 210)

The Fischer Family (Cedar Ridge 2)

The Lucenay Family (Cypress 1)

If you would like to make changes to any Camper Calls, contact our secretary Wig out by 9 p.m.: (903) 780-8037

emergency contacts

Health Assistant

If you have any health needs please contact Scopes at (903) 787-2568.


If you have any issues with maintenance or other cabin needs, please contact Oh Yeah at (903) 258-2359.

Resident Staff:

Chris “Broflex” Boddy: (903) 245-7582

Austin “Bama” Burch: (251) 581-5205

Jenny “Whistle Toe” Sowers: (405) 255-2503

Shelby “Nova” Holloway: (817) 723-9861

Joshua “Spaz” Ray: (901) 896-5964

Jake “Dr. Shakels” Collins: (940) 453-4970