Hey parents, your campers are already half way through their week of camp! We can’t believe it is going by so quickly. Yesterday, was what we like to call “Survivor Day!” It’s an all day theme day! Campers go off the normal schedule for the day and participate in 8 different competitions around camp with their cabins to see who will win the most points! Some of the challenges include tarp flip, riddles, one legged jenga, dodgeball, capture the flag, slippery slide and more! The end of the night, there is a GIANT all camp competition to find out who will win the silver tiki.

Nothing says summer time like Christmas, right? Well maybe not at home, but at camp, we are celebrating Christmas in June! What’s the best way to celebrate Christmas in the middle of the Texas summer?  Decked out in our best Christmas attire, our theme night will include a Christmas dinner, a pool party for Outback campers while the oldest cabins are watching a Christmas movie with hot drinks.

Camp is Seriously FUN. There is no place we would rather be. Pine Cove exists to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory! That is happening here at camp this week! Praise God!