One really intriguing aspect of Creation is the sky and its weather patterns, specifically the sun and the rain. When God created the Earth, He designed it in a way so as to uniquely relate weather conditions back to Him. Imagine for a moment that the sun illustrates Christ. The sun never ceases to rise in the morning and set at night, and it never ceases to provide warmth. The sun also facilitates the chemical processes that occur at the molecular level in order to sustain the Earth. We know that the sun will always be there to provide. Similarly, Christ does just the same. He is omnipresent. He cares so deeply for us in every single way big or small, and He knows the number of hairs on our heads. Christ is our Sustainer. He guides us in the way we should go, and He crucially works in our lives. Without Christ, we would have nothing, and we would be nothing. Sure, we might be physically living, but we would have no spiritual hope.

Furthermore, imagine for a moment that the sun illustrates joy in our lives. When the sun is out, positivity seems to exude from everyone. The Lord is present, and one can see Him working in lives. Life might even seem to be going well with no major problems or trials. However, then the weather takes a slight turn and the rain hits, exemplifying trials that we face. We see no sun in the sky, but rather we see dark, eerie clouds. The wind arrives with strong rain, and sometimes even destructive hail. During a storm, whether that is a thunderstorm, a tornado, or even just rain, is becomes easy to fear or feel sadness because of the absence of the sun. We do not know when the storm will end, and we do not know if the storm will cause destruction. With that being said, this is probably a relatable illustration for a lot of us out there. However, it is through these dark storms and torrential rains when we learn a lot about ourselves and God’s sovereign power at work within each and every one of us.


God created storms on this earth for a unique purpose, just like He did the sun. Without rain, life could not undergo the essential growth it needs to survive. Rain provides nutrients to the plants for growth and helps manage other life processes at both the macro and micro levels. The sun and rain essentially work hand in hand. However, life can truly be so scary amidst the storms! The sun is not showing, but the sun is behind the clouds. It always will be until the storm passes and He brings out the sun again. In a spiritual sense, the same is true. Although we all go through trials in our lives, the Lord provides. He is with us when the storms come our way. He knows that we need certain storms, or trials, in our lives so that we can endure the growth that we need. God uses storms to shape and mold us so that He can use us for His glory and specific purpose. How comforting it is to rest in that truth! Yes, it is incredible when the sun is out, but it is also critical to accept the rain as it comes, as well. In His Word, He confirms the relevance of storms in James 1:2-3:

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

God does not guarantee us that the sun will always be out, but He does guarantee us one thing: that He will always be there amidst the storms. He will clear the rain when it is time, but it is our job to trust in His promises. Cling on to this truth today, and He will transform your perspective!

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