Here at Silverado, we’re blessed to have an incredible staff! Part of that staff consists of our senior counselors! They’re super amazing people who serve the counselors to help them do their job. Here are two stories from two of our senior counselors about how awesome camp is!

“There was a camper one week who, when he showed up at camp, was not interested in anything. He was extremely homesick and really wanted to go home. However, his counselor was determined that he would have a good week, so he continued to pour out the love of Christ onto him. Throughout the week, everyone could slowly see the camper’s mood changing for the better. By the end of the week the camper was really sad to leave and couldn’t wait to come back next year! Even though some campers come into camp missing home, our hope is that by the end of the week, every camper feels closer to Jesus, makes deep friendships, and has a seriously fun time!” – Snarky The Eagle, Guys Senior Counselor


“I had one camper who was excited about camp, but extremely timid and shy. At the beginning, it was difficult to tell if she was having a good time or not. Despite her being a bit nervous though, she eventually opened up and we were all able to see what an amazing girl she was! Her encouraging cabin mates and incredible counselor provided an environment that she felt comfortable in and because of this, she began to absorb more and more about what it means to be a daughter of the One True King. On her last full day of camp, she pulled her counselor aside and expressed that she desired to accept Jesus into her heart. Her counselor prayed with her and she became a Christian that afternoon! She ran up to me, a bit hesitant but obviously eager, and told me that we were now sisters in the Lord! She fully grasped that she was now part of the body of Christ and that she had an entered a family of believers. It was truly beautiful!”-Sweets, Female Senior Counselor

We love having fun here at Silverado but we’re most excited about seeing God move in the lives of our campers!

Please Pray For:

  • Campers who don’t know the gospel! Campers have had the opportunity to hear tons about Jesus and the gospel this week so far and we’d love prayer for those who’ve never heard it before and that they’d accept all of it joyfully!
  • Our Counselors! We’d also really appreciate prayer for counselors to be willing to let the Lord speak through them to share His light to others!