Hi. My name is Joseph “He’s Out Cold” Page II and am 20 years old. I grew up overseas in Turkey and then Dubai until my senior year of highschool and since then have been in Arizona. I am attending Grand Canyon University and am majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Biblical Studies.

I accepted Christ into my heart at a young age, but truly made my faith my own at the end of my senior year of highschool. I love to play all sports, especially baseball, hang out with friends, and just simply relaxing.


This is my second full summer that I will be working at the Pine Cove Towers. I would like to explain a special night that happens here at Towers and the impact it has on both campers and their counselors.

This is by far my favorite night as a 5th grade counselor. Every Thursday night, after the theme night , the fifth graders get a little bit more time to stay up and enjoy their last few days as a Towers camper. The girls and guys split up and do their own special things. The guys go up to the Coliseum, our gym, and play War Ball (or dodgeball). The campers come in as the counselors line the gym wall, ready to take on the challenge of 9 counselors defeating about 48 campers.

Now at Towers we say “Campers always win,” but this is not so on man night. It is the one night we are allowed to beat the campers, and for good reason as you will read later. Once we have quickly beaten the campers in two rounds of War Ball, we counselors line ourselves up on the wall of the gym and are told no matter what, not to: speak, smile, or dodge what is about to happen. The campers are then told that they will have 4 minutes to demolish their counselor with war balls from a certain distance. The kids all shout out in unison and are told to begin. Dodgeballs begin to fly through the air.

Within the first 30 seconds, campers are about 10 feet away hitting counselors, but as the counselors continuously are being pelted by war balls, the campers continue to scoot closer and closer toward the counselors. This whole time they are mocking us, laughing at us as they land headshots.

But the fun must come to an end. The campers are brought to the middle and asked if the counselors, who cared for them all week, deserved the punishment the campers just gave them. The campers, looking dejected, shake their heads no. They are then told about how Jesus did the same thing for us; He loved and cared for us, was beaten, spit on and mocked, and eventually crucified for us and all our sins.

Not only do the campers see this metaphor and learn more about what Jesus did for us, but the counselors also digest the same. They are mocked, pegged, and beaten by war balls, all the while not saying a single word. They get to experience a fraction of what Jesus did and how he suffered for us.

This whole night is a powerful night for everyone involved, camper and counselor alike. They truly get to understand how much God truly loves us. It is crazy to think that he would send his only Son, so that everyone who believed in him would be able to live forever in heaven with Him.

Matt “Beagle” Behr, my senior counselor last year and currently Towers’ Program Director, has a motto for staff here at the towers; “one week for eternity.” Counselors have only one week with these kids, but that one week could change their eternity forever.

I definitely have the best job anyone could ask for.


“Tree-Eye Joe”
Towers Media Content Creator