Well hello there, everybody! Yesterday, your campers had the treat of seeing Shaun Murray, a professional wakeboarder, do his thing at our very own wake park! Emily Durham and her daughter, Hope, also stopped by to visit and they both performed for us as well.

But before we did that, some of our campers got the awesome opportunity to receive a few pointers on how to wakeboard from the pros during our morning activity classes!


Following the extraordinary show of their skillz (with a “z”) after lunch, we got to hear Shaun and Emily tell us a bit about their lives as professional athletes. Shaun shared about how his experience with wakeboarding is similar to his experience with knowing God. He talked about how in life, you can’t do anything on your own; there has to be a power source and a connection to that power source.


For wakeboarding, the power source is the boat (or awesome wake park system!) and the connection is the line, but in life, that power source has to be God and our connection to Him is in Jesus Christ! Without this, we will get about as far in life as Shaun will without a boat.

Anything you do is an opportunity to share the gospel.
-Shaun Murray

It was incredible (we love it!) and impactful, but we didn’t want to just tell you about it, so we put together a video that we wanted to share with y’all. Enjoy!