Good Evening! The Ranch camp has a lot to offer it’s campers, but we like to add a little extra to make camp more interesting! By “add a little,” we mean a lot. Activity classes all around the camp have added their own special signature to help the campers out to make sure they’re staying safe. Those few things are as follows…

The zipline and flying squirrel featuring, Carol and Carl. 

blogweek8-1 blogweek8-2

Carol and Carl are vital to the zipline and flying squirrel. Carol over at the flying squirrel is the “baby” for the activity and helps the pull team (the campers and facilitators of the activity) know what point they are to run to. As for Carl, he is there for the runner who gets off the zipline. He helps guide them to where they are to run the rope to so the next zippers can go down the zipline! These two are “siblings” and Carol has even been incorporated into the flying squirrel chant! (Carol needs a crib! Carol needs a crib!)

Up next we have… blogweek8-3

Jackie Chain. Each activity class, we tell our campers of how far and wide Jackie Chain has traveled to be here to protect them from being harmed by the arrows being fired. Jackie Chain is growing weary and is a little worn down, but no worries! That is what duct tape is for. Jackie Chain also has his own part in the Archery chant (No touchy Jackie Chain!) It’s all about the safety, people.

Next we meet, blogweek8-4

The Tree of Life. This tree is renowned at the Ranch. It has been around since the beginning and is the center piece at the Medieval Times activity. This tree bestows wisdom among it’s warriors (aka campers) and is where the campers, I mean, warriors, learn all the rules and guidelines for the game. IT’S INCREDIBLE.

Now we move over to Camp Classics to visit..


The Hissing Llama. Now, this isn’t exactly a physical object, but it is a signature of this activity class. As campers and counselors pass by during activities classes, don’t get too close to Camp Classics or you are certain to receive this hissing Llama from the campers and facilitators at the activity. It may be alarming at first, but fear not, it is totally harmless.

Moving right along we head over to the Thundergulch down at the lake to meet…


The Whoo! This is the best part of the Thundergulch. The Whoo is the magically fun slide that campers look so forward to every week, they go gliding down this and take a plunge into the lake, with the biggest smiles ever across their faces. Of course, The Whoo has made its way into the chant (Slidin’ down the Whoo!) Campers love it, it’s fun because well, camp is fun.

Finally, we are at our last, but not least, signature activity class piece…


The Bear Cage. This bear cage has captured none other than… Yogi bear. Canoes is the beholder of this “cage”. These ropes guard off a square of ground to keep the kids out of that area so they, well, don’t trip over branches when they’re walking down to the lake. The canoe facilitators tell every class of campers that if they enter this cage, Yogi the bear will get them! (P.S.A- there is no actual bear, that just wouldn’t be cool)

Well, we hope you learned a little bit more about the things your campers are seeing in their activity classes this week. Camp is awesome, and your kids are having a blast. Life at the Ranch is exciting and we’re pumped your kids get to be a part in that!

Until the next update – stay hydrated (it is HOT, people!)!

-The Ranch Media Team