G’day! We’ve had a great Monday here at the Outback! Your campers started the day with “Pit and Palace” by making their beds and cleaning up before heading to flag, having a short Focus time, and eating some breakfast. Then it was time for activities to start where your campers had a chance to swing on the Ricochet (our barn swing), go off the Blob, zip down the Zipline, and many more fun activities.

After we had some tasty pizza rolls for lunch, campers headed back to their cabins for Bible study with their counselors! Today’s verse was:

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated  at the right hand of God.
Colossians 3:1

The apostle Paul’s words to the Colossians urges us to embrace heavenly thoughts that will guide our actions. All of this is possible because we have a new life and a fresh start in Christ because He is risen!

In the darkest moments, the stone was rolled away, and we found that the tomb was empty! We are not alone. In the midst of all the stuff that life overwhelms us with, we know we have been raised to a new life in Christ. Knowing this provides us with the motivation to press on!


Your campers learned that seeking God from their seated position in Christ means that they should daily seek to understand the great power and the amazing lengths God took to save them from their sin!

Tonight’s theme night was “Surreal Cereal Showdown,”  where campers dressed up as their favorite cereal characters for a massive field event game. The camp split into four different teams to try and get their cereal pieces past the disgruntled H-E-B customers (the counselors) in an attempt to win points for their team!

Pray with us:

  1. Let God break down barriers in the campers so that relationships grow between your camper, their cabinmates, and counselors.
  2. Safety for the campers and staff throughout the week.
  3. Pray that your campers learn how to seek the Lord and maintain a better relationship with Him.