Today we had big surprises in store for all the campers! We decided to mix up the schedule a bit, and this morning after breakfast we brought a camper favorite back for the day…Didgeridoo You Know Whose Line Is It Anyway! A few of our senior counselors and our work crew director took to the stage and played some hilarious games in which they never knew what would be coming next! We all had some great laughs and then headed out for a full morning of fun.

We had an awesome time doing the barn swing, the zipline, and all our other favorite activity classes this morning! While everyone was out and about, we gathered some quotes by asking the question, “What is your favorite thing about rain?” Some of the best responses were “It’s wet,” “If you don’t shower, no one can tell,” “I can quote the rain! Drip. Drop. *imagine swishing noises*” and “If it ain’t rainin’ we ain’t trainin’!”


We had another surprise awaiting us at lunch, and when we arrived at the Boomerang, we ate lunch picnic style! That’s also when we found out that we were going to have Bounce today! For the afternoon, campers were able to pick which activity classes they wanted to do, and, as long as they stayed in a group, they could do whichever ones they wanted.

For our nightly activity we split up into our mates and maidens to enjoy some fun games and club sessions!

Please Pray with Us

1. No matter the weather, that God’s will would be done at camp!

2. Safety and recovery for those affected by the tropical storm that landed in Texas today.

3. That your campers continue to have an excellent time at camp this week!