Hey there! It has been a great day here at the Ridge. Here is a recap of what today looked like:

Today campers got to sleep in! We started our day a little later which means today has looked a little different than usual. After breakfast campers went to different activity classes than usual. Today’s activities included Zumba, Family Feud, karaoke, and a few other games! From there, campers headed over to lunch.

Tinsel and Noelle returned to camp today. They said they were busy getting decorations for Christmas. While they were decorating, Dan showed up to destroy camp with his kids. When Cloud and Wind walked in, they started a mini thunderstorm. Dan wanted his kids to be louder and create more disaster, however; Cloud and Wind didn’t know how to do so. This upset Dan so much that he left them saying he could destroy camp on his own. Tinsel and Noelle asked Cloud if he knew how to make snow for Christmas. Cloud at first was hesitant to help because his dad always told him to be bad, but Noelle showed him love and he was eager to join. Noelle, Tinsel, Cloud, and Wind are now joined together to spread the Christmas spirit and save camp! We are so excited for what they do tomorrow.

From there, campers headed over to bible study. Today campers touch on what it looks like to trust the Word of God before going to FOB. Afterwards, campers go to their last activity class of the day and free time. During free time you can find your camper at Big Bend (the gym), at the ropes course, or at the lake. Campers are also able to head over to the camp during this time to grab snacks and knick knacks. Today skittles and m&m’s were a huge hit!

After that, campers head back for a quick flush and brush. During this time campers get ready for our theme night, ET Glow Home! When campers walked into dinner the Cav was decorated with glow sticks and fun lights. After dinner we went over to club to hear a message from our women’s director, Wonky. She spoke on what it looks like to trust in the Word. She mentions the story who is bleeding and touches Jesus and is healed. Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

From club, we transitioned over to our dance party. Tonight is one of camper’s favorite theme night because they get to dance all night. We did some line dances, free styles, and we even created our own Tik Tok dance. It was such a fun night to just let go and dance silly.

We are so grateful for every moment we get to spend with your camper. We are midway into the week and we are so thankful for all the Lord has already done and can’t wait to see what is to come next. We ask you continue to pray for your camper. That they may see the Lord’s goodness and trust Him with what He has in store for their lives.

-The Ridge Team