Hey parents! Hope you all are having a great start to the week. Here is a little bit of what today has looked like here at the Ridge:

This morning campers finished their morning routine before heading over to breakfast. Today’s breakfast is a fan favorite, chicken and waffles! After that campers headed over to a quick flush and brush before heading over to their activity classes. Some places you can find your campers during this time are slick track, blob, or at the cube for volleyball. From there we get over to our hand washing station to wash our hands before going to lunch.

It was a tough decision to choose who would win spirit stick today. There were so many great cheers! We had mariachi cheers, mattress Tuesday, and Tik Tok Tuesday. Somehow the boys in Denali 3 and 4 brought in the back of a truck for tailgate Tuesday, so you know they had to win the spirit stick. After that Dr. Dan came in and interrupted us. He showed us the forecast of rain and told us that he was going to then tear town camp. Tinsel and Noelle didn’t come today because Dr. Dan said he hid them, so he could continue his plan to ruin camp and steal the Christmas cheer. He tried to have his kids baby Cloud and Wind to show everyone how they will destroy, but they were messing up. Dr. Dan got furious and stormed out. Cloud told Wind they need to leave and practice being bad to impress their dad. We’ll see tomorrow what they try to do. Hopefully Tinsel and Noelle come back!

From there, campers headed over to good ole bible study and FOB (flat on back) before going to their next activity. Today for our fourth activity class we do something called campers choice. This is a time where campers get to choose which activity they want to go to. After that, they go over to free time. During free time campers have multiple choices to go to including the conga for arts and crafts, or the Pinnacle for games.

Camper then go over to dinner and a quick flush and brush. During the flush and brush we change into our theme night clothes. Tonight is Isolation Island so we put on our best camo gear. We then head over to club. Tonight we get to hear a message from our men’s director, Matha, over what it looks like delighting in the Word. He shows us how the Word is not only something we can depend on in times of trials, but the only thing that is constant while the world is unreliable.

We then transition over to our Isolation Island activity. Campers have to try to get to a certain destination without getting stopped by a staffer. If a staff member stops them, they have to do something silly in order to continue the path or else get sent back to the beginning. For example, some staff members ask campers to do their best impersonation of their counselor. Whichever group gets to the end destination (the field) first wins! We then go over to get some snacks and go off to bed.

It is truly only the beginning of God’s work and it is so exciting to think about what the Lord has in store for the rest of the week. We ask you continue to pray for your campers, that they may find delight in the Lord and take that with them when they go back home.

-The Ridge Team.