Happy Friday! We can’t believe it is already the last full day of camp. We are so excited for you guys to get to reunite with your camper and hear about the ways they’ve grown with the Lord. Here’s a run-down of what our last day has looked like:

Today campers woke up this morning and headed over to breakfast for some breakfast tacos. From there, campers went to their activity classes. Campers went over to lunch afterwards to refuel after a busy time at their activities. During lunch we had a cabin stand up on their chairs with a guitar and ukulele while singing “Reckless Love”. Another cabin had a synchronized dance routine that they did while circling their lunch table. Seriously love the creativity! The synchronized dancers won the spirit stick today and they won the chariot of cleanliness. Double whammy!

During skit today, Mr. Roberts and Rufus came out looking different. Because of the protein powder they had yesterday, they had the energy of a young person. When Topo and Chico came out they were shocked and barely recognized them. The old men began to try to destroy camp, but Chico realized something. You are suppose to drink topo chico with the protein powder in order for it to get the full effect. Topo and Chico then did just that and were able to get rid of the mean old men. Camp is saved!

After skit, we had out associate director, Pops, come out and do bible study with all the campers. Everyone stayed in the gym and dove into the word together as a big family. Campers were able to ask Pops questions and get a new perspective than their usual counselors. They then get a time to rest before our last night at the Ridge.

Campers get to go to free time one last time and enjoy whichever activity class they’d like. Some campers go over to the conga to do arts and crafts, some go over to the pool, and others enjoy the cube (our volleyball court). After getting all sweaty from playing around, we head over back to our cabins to shower and get ready for our nice night.

Campers tonight get to dress up nice and show off. They head over to get their pictures taken and then go to dinner. Tonights dinner is a little different than most nights because we aren’t standing on chairs yelling anymore. Campers get their food served and listen to nice music as they have intentional conversations with their cabin. While they finish up eating, they get to watch their counselors be silly on stage. We do something called “Ridge Night Live” where counselors participate in different improve skits for the entertainment of their campers.

Afterwards, we transition over to club. Tonight is a night we all look forward to most. We get to hear a message on what it looks like to now live in the Word of God, and do an activity called “walk the line”. Camper get to see that they are not walking alone in their trials and relate to one another. From there we get to do camper’s share and see the way the Lord has moved. Tonight is the reason we do what we do.

From there, campers head back to their cabins and change into more comfortable clothes for our senior games. We all head over to the field to cheer on our seniors as they compete with our leadership team at a game of football. Staff dress up in silly costumes to bring energy to the crowd and campers just have the best time hanging out and supporting the seniors.

God is so good. We want to thank you for the opportunity to have your campers here. We are excited to see you all tomorrow and be able to see your campers again. Although it is the final night, we ask you continue to pray for your camper. The Lord is still moving here and on their way back home.

-The Ridge Team