Hey Ridge Family! Today has been a beautiful day and I can’t wait to share with you guys all the great things the Lord has been doing here today.

This morning was a little different than usual. We all got to sleep in and start our day a bit later. After breakfast we headed over to activity classes. Today’s activity classes consisted of Zumba, karaoke, and synchronized swim class. Campers had so much fun singing and dancing. Campers then headed over to free time. Some campers took advantage of this time to stop by the camp store and pick up anything they needed, wanted, or something to snack on.

If you thought the singing and dancing was over after activity classes, you are mistaken. During lunch we continued to sing and dance. We lift our voices and give praise to our God through song. From there we switch gears to announce the winners of Spirit Stick and Chariot of Cleanliness. This is also a great time for cabin competitions. Today the mountain men of Kobuk 1 challenged Kobuk 2 to an imaginary game of tennis, right there and then! From there, Camp Rock and Camp Tik Tok came to visit, but something tragic happened. Camp Rock took one of Camp Tik Tok’s members and without her they were unable to do Tik Tok dances. We hope that tomorrow we are able to get her back so that they can continue dancing.

After lunch campers went to bible study. We love how as the week goes on campers ask more questions and are eager to learn more about the Lord. Once bible study is over campers get time to rest up. Campers usually make sure they use this time for sleep because later tonight they use so much energy at our dance party. However, some campers use this time to reflect on bible study and take some time to themselves with God, which is so sweet! From there campers head over to activity classes. We see many campers making cool friendship bracelets, going to the wake park, or going on ropes.

Tonights dinner is a camper favorite, chicken, rice, and spring rolls! After they had a nourishing meal, campers headed over to club to hear a message from our women’s director, Wonky. She gave a message over what it looks like to live in the Word of God. She spoke about how the Word can simply change your life completely. The Word moves in our hearts and transforms the way we live and think.

From there we transitioned over to our dance party for ET Glow Home! There were fun lights, line dances, and campers dressed in fun costumes that were out of this world.

We are seriously having the best time at camp and continue to see the Lord move. We ask that you continue to pray for your camper as we enter the middle of the week. That lives would be changed by the saving grace of Christ.

-The Ridge Team