Happy Thursday parents! Hope you all are having a great week. We are not only having so much fun here at the Ridge, but we have seen the Lord do so many amazing things here. He is constantly providing, teaching, and softening hearts this week. Here is a run-down of what your camper has been up to today:

After our morning routine and breakfast we headed off to activity classes. Some cabins played dodgeball in the gym, some people got to blob, and others got to go to the wake park. Before campers begin their activity, counselors lead campers in a devotional related to the activity they will be doing. These devotionals show how everything we do relates back to the Lord and what He has done for us. Our goal is for campers to be able to see Jesus in all that we do not only at camp, but to take that with them outside of camp as well.

Once we finish all of our morning activity classes campers are ready to eat. As the week goes on campers have come up with more cheers and spirit stick winners get harder to choose. It is so awesome to see campers get comfortable with cheering confidently. From there our skit characters came out for a short period of time to continue their story. captain Kidney Stone and Bone Marrow came out and tried to hurt our counselors the same way they did to Bubba and KB. When they tried though, the counselors were strong and the captains seemed to have lost their power. The captains were so confused as to why they had lost their power, and left saying they would be back to destroy some more. We will see tomorrow what happens. Will the captains be able to destroy again or will the American spirit be too strong? We can’t wait to find out.

After lunch campers got time to dive into the word with their cabin during bible study. The theme of the day is standing in the Word. During bible study campers ask their counselors questions and the cabin grow together as they learn more about the Lord. From there they had free time! Campers love going to the camp store during this time to buy snacks. A fan favorite snack has been getting Dr Pepper and dibs to mix together. It’s an interesting mix, but some of our counselors have tried this invention campers created and they say it’s really good.

From there campers changed into their theme night clothes before meal time because dinner looks a little different tonight. Campers get to eat their dinner outside to watch the sunset. Once dinner is over all the campers get to enjoy the nice day we had today outside. We had people wake boarding, swimming at the pool, paddle boarding in the lake, and even going on the blob. Not all campers want to be in the water, so we also had campers playing volleyball, soccer, or just enjoying the day hanging with their friends.

When theme night was over, we all entered the gym to worship before hearing a message from out Associate Director, Pops. He spoke further in what it looks like to stand in the Word of God. He dives into the armor of God and why as believers we can depend on Him and be firm in our beliefs.

As we slowly approach the end of the week we ask you continue to pray for your camper. We are so sad that there is only one full day left, but are so excited for them to be able to go back home and share with you all what they have learned. The Lord is truly good.

-The Ridge Team