Hey there Ridge family! Hope everyone doing great as we approach the middle of the week. We cannot wait to share with you guys all the exciting things that have happened today.

Today looked a little different than most days because campers got to sleep in a bit longer than usual. But that isn’t the only thing that was different for the day. After eating breakfast campers went to activity classes, but the classes were a little different than usual. Campers could play Family Feud at the Conga, do water aerobics at the pool, or do Zumba at the Big Bend. Everyone loved dancing to the song “You Can’t Stop Me” during Zumba class.

After these activity classes campers went down to lunch to eat, discover who won the Chariot of Cleanliness and Spirit Stick, and watch todays skit. Bubba Watts and his brother KB came back. This time they came with Kidney Stone and Bone Marrow’s pet fish Kyle! They took Kyle in order to fill him up with the American spirit. Kidney Stone and Bone Marrow were angry, so they hurt the legs of Bubba, KB, and Kyle. When they left, a new skit character arrived named Tad Pole who came and fed the brothers and Kyle some milk. The milk helped their legs rejuvenate and they all got back up ready to bring more American spirit tomorrow.

Now it’s time for some bible study and FOB before going into their last activity class of the day and free time. From there campers got ready for our ET Glow Home theme night. When campers arrived to dinner they were so excited to see all the neon lights and decorations. They then went over to Big Bend for club.

Today at club they received a good word from our women’s director, Nikki “Wonky” Germenis. Wonky talked about how we can trust in the Word of God. She reminded us of the healing and life God brings into our lives when we trust in Him.

Campers were so excited for theme night tonight because we had a dance party! Black lights were set up and everyone had their glow sticks. During the dance party campers busted their best dance moves, joined into line dances, and had dance competitions. By the end of the night, everyone was exhausted and ready for bed.

It has been so sweet getting to hang with all the campers. We are constantly learning new things together and it has been such a good time. We ask you continue to pray for your campers and their hearts to be softened to what the Lord has called them to for this week.

-The Ridge Team