Hey there families! It’s just the Ridge team popping back in to give you all a little update of what has been happening here. We have had a fun day full of karaoke, zumba, and water aerobics. Campers are having a blast with their cabins and counselors. They have all gotten to know each other so well, and it is so sweet to watch the growth that is happening all across camp.

Campers and staff got to sleep in a little this morning, so after they woke up, they headed over to the Cav for some breakfast. From here, campers got to choose two special activity classes to go to before lunch. These activity classes ranged from zumba with counselors all the way to a slip and slide by the lake. Campers had a blast and got to spend more time with their cabins during this time.

At lunch, Mystery Meat came out to the stage without Meat Juice and said that he was feeling like he could not be evil today. As he was talking, Stanley came out and has turned evil. They tell us that they are here to take down the Ridge. They leave and Mama Donna comes out as sad as ever. She is sad that Stanley has turned evil and does not know what to do anymore. A new character comes out to help Mama Donna and her name is “Vegan”. She tells us that we need to find meat substitutes to get Stanley back from the evil side.

After heading back to their cabins for a little bible study and FOB, campers were all ready to head out to the last activity class of the day. It was a sunny afternoon and some campers cooled off in the pool, some headed inside the gym to cool off and some even went to crunch time to get a workout in. From there, everyone went to free time and got to hang out all together before a night of fun!

Following free time, campers put their best neon gear on and headed to a black light dinner to get in the mood for the “ET Glow Home” dance party. Then they headed to the gym for some worship and club. They got to learn even more about God’s Word and reflect on it with their cabin after.

Now for the best part of the evening, the dance party that we have all been waiting for. Campers busted into the gym to dance to all of their favorite Pine Cove songs. We had some dance competitions, line dances, and even some fun black light decorations and spray.

We love getting to be here at camp with everyone. Days like today make life so sweet! We ask that you continue to pray for your campers and their hearts to be softened to what the Lord wants them to learn this week.

– The Ridge Team