Hi families! We hope that you all have had a great start to your week. We are off to a great start to the week at the Ridge. It has been a sweet week, full of fellowship and a lot of Jesus.

Campers woke up this morning and headed to flag, focus time, and breakfast. After a good breakfast, everyone headed out to their first 3 activity classes of the day. They traveled together as a cabin and got to hang out and get to know each other even more. Some people cooled off in the pool, played games in the Pinnacle, went to the wake park, played football at the sports field, or went off the blob. It was a hot day today, so we all made sure that we stayed hydrated in the sun!

After some fun activity classes, everyone went back to the Cav to have some lunch. During lunch, quite a few things happen everyday. We eat, hear about free time, campers choice, and get to watch a funny skit. Today Mama Lasagna and Stanley came back out to tell us how the baked ziti was that they ate yesterday, and as they were telling us about this world famous recipe, the Meat Sweats came back out.

Lunch was followed by some good ol’ Bible study, F.O.B., campers choice, and free time! The afternoon was filled with a ton of games, laughs, and Dr. Pepper from the camp store. After all of these activities campers went back to their cabins to get dressed up in all the camouflage they own in preparation for isolation island.

After dinner, campers got to enjoy a little bit of Pine Cove Club, C-L-U-B bring that Pine Cove club to me! Our worship team led the camp in a very intentional time of praise which was followed by a club talk from our Men’s Director, Matha. Campers then went into a time of reflection with their cabin and got to enjoy some snack!

Once that snack was eaten, campers went back into the Big Bend to begin isolation island. It was a long night of maneuvering through the dark, avoiding counselors, and upgrading life chips. In the end, the tenacity of the counselors was no match for the determination of our campers. Finally, as all days end, we sent everyone to some soapy showers and bed time. It was an action-packed day here at the Ridge and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

-The Ridge team