Good morning families! Happy Monday! It is our first full day of camp and we are off to a great start.

Campers woke up, cleaned their cabins, went to flag, and had some time to dig into God’s Word. Here at the Ridge we call this focus time. This is a time where campers can start out their day digging into the truths of scripture. We pray that this time is a time where campers can see how powerful the Word of God is and how it can truly transform their lives.

After that (that’s after that), campers headed to their first three activity classes of the week! Campers had the opportunity to go to the pool, the ropes course (the Arches), or even give the wake park a shot. They had a blast getting to bond with their cabin mates. These classes are a sweet time for cabins to get to travel together and learn about the Lord through the fun activities that they participate in.

They all headed back to the Cav (our dining hall) for some lunch and fellowship with their cabin. At lunch, we got to talk about free time, cabin competitions, pit and palace, and spirit stick. After the cabins that won spirit stick and pit and palace were announced, our skit characters came out to talk to us. This week Stanley and Momma Donna, a grandma grandson duo, are here at camp. Stanley is so excited to be a camper here, but he also makes it clear that he loves his grandmas lasagna. As they were introducing themselves, our two evil characters for the week came out to pay us a visit. Mystery Meat and Meat Juice are from the dumpster behind camp and are not big fans of Momma Donna and her famous lasagna. The base line for this skit was laid out for the audience at lunch today, and we can’t wait to see how this plays out during the week.

From lunch, everyone headed to Bible study. This week we are studying Psalm 119 and the importance of God’s Word in our lives. It is a powerful tool that we as believers have bee given, and we can’t wait to learn with your campers how to study and use it. After Bible study, we had a little FOB to rest and then everyone went to their last activity class of the day. Then it was time for a time that does not cost any money. FREE TIME! This is often the campers favorite time of the day. They get to hang out with friends, go to the pool, or even pay our camp store a visit.

After free time, everyone got ready for snack attack and headed to a yummy dinner full of tacos and churros. Everyone then was able to hear about all of the fun activities that we had planned for the night. Everyone got to participate in a fun dodgeball tournament and cheer on other cabins. Then everyone got ready for some Pine Cove club. This was a time of worship and learning from our program director, Keeps. He talked tonight about how important of a role that the Word plays in our lives and the weight that it holds.

We had an amazing first day here at the Ridge and we can’t wait for the rest of the week. We kindly ask that you would keep praying over our week and the campers here.

– The Ridge Team