Hey there parents! Hope you have been having a great week. Today has been an eventful day and I am here to share the day with you guys.

Today campers woke up to their usual morning routine. They went to breakfast and then to their activity classes. By now campers have gotten to go to every activity class at least once and we seem to have a common favorite within campers. Most campers really enjoy the wake park, slick track, and Big Bend to play dodgeball. From there, campers head over to lunch time.

Today Bill and Willy came out and sucked up some dirt on the Saul brothers. They found old pictures of them at Silverado. They have been campers, but have become so obsessed with the materialistic world. The Saul brothers tried finding identity in views, fame and money, but Pine Cove finds their identity in Christ. Bill and Willy were able to bring the brothers out of that and also saved camp!

After that, campers stayed in the gym to do their bible study with Pops. This is a sweet time for campers to get to hear from a new face and also ask any questions they have. It is so beneficial to hear questions other cabins have and the responses. From there cabins head over to get some rest before going straight over to free time! Campers get to go wherever they’d like as a cabin and go to the camp store one last time.

From there, campers head back to their cabins to get ready for Ridge Night Live. Campers get to dress up in their fresh clothes and go to a nice dinner. As they wait to go in for dinner, they get their pictures taken as a cabin. Our staff then escorts them into the dining hall and serves them food. While they are eating they get to watch their counselors and other staff perform improve skits on stage. Campers love it because they see their counselors being silly in front of everyone. From there, they head back to their cabins to change into more comfortable clothing for the activities that are to come next.

Once they change, they headed back to the gym for club. During club we got to do something called “Camper Share” where they get to share what the Lord has taught them this week. It is amazing to see the Lord move. After that, we do something called “Stand the Line”. This is where campers are asked a series of questions and if they relate they stand on the line. This is a cool activity that allows people to see that they are not alone in the trials they are walking in. It’s also an eye opener that some people are walking through some things that we would have never imagined and should always love others well. After that, campers get a time to reflect with their cabin what all they learned from the Lord at club and have a safe space to talk.

Before campers go to bed, we head over to the field for our senior games! The seniors get to play soccer against our leadership team. Everyone comes out to support and cheer on the seniors because seniors always win! Some our staff dress up in silly outfits to cheer on the seniors and get the crowd excited.

It has been such a great week getting to see the Lord move this week. As we end the week, we ask you still continue to pray for your camper. That they would retain the things they have learned and feel confident in the things the Lord has shown them. We are excited to get to welcome you guys back tomorrow!

-The Ridge Team